Video: Shell’s LNG bunkering vessel almost ready for ops

Video: Shell's LNG bunkering vessel almost ready for ops
Image courtesy of Shell

Shell’s first liquefied natural gas bunkering vessel is expected to soon start delivering the chilled fuel to LNG-powered ships in northwest Europe.

The Hague-based LNG giant had ordered the bunkering vessel back in 2014 at STX Offshore & Shipbuilding.

The specialized ship will have a capacity of 6,500 cubic meters and will be capable of fuelling 1,000 cubes of LNG per hour.

Shell claims it would be the biggest seagoing LNG bunker vessel with high maneuverability.

The vessel will be based at the port of Rotterdam and will load from the third berth at the Gate LNG terminal.

It is expected to arrive in the port of Rotterdam in the second half of this year.

Below, you will a find a video of the bunkering vessel released by Shell on Monday.