VIDEO: Tocardo’s T1 tidal array in operation

VIDEO Tocardo's T1 array in operation

In February, Tocardo installed and grid-connected an array of three T1 tidal turbines.

The array has the capacity of 300 kW, and was installed on the Afsluitdijk barrier at Den Oever, Netherlands. The electricity produced from the turbines will power 100 Dutch households.

According to Tocardo, the array will be used for research and development purposes of the components for the turbines, as well as the development of larger projects where the turbines have been installed.

After fine-tuning and evaluation of the array, the project partners plan to deploy additional tidal installations in the Afsluitdijk with the capacity of up to 2 MW.

Take a look at the video of T1 tidal array in operation.

Image/Video: Tocardo

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