Video: Wreck Removal of TS Taipei

Video Courtesy: Royal Boskalis Westminster

Royal Boskalis Westminster has shared a video of TS Taipei wreck removal offshore Shimen in the north of Taiwan in 2016.

The containership grounded after an engine failure on a rocky shallow while en route from Taiwan’s Keelung to Taichung in March 2016.

TS Taipei, which was loaded with 384 containers, subsequently split in two due to severe weather conditions.

As World Maritime News previously reported, the shipwreck was removed from the reef of Shimen in August 2016.

SMIT Salvage team discharged remaining containers and cut and lifted the accommodation block and main engine from the wreck.

Following the wreck removal operation, the bow section of the vessel was towed to the dry dock where TS Taipei was dismantled.

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