Viking Grace hits 1000 LNG bunkerings milestone

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Viking Grace hits 1000 LNG bunkerings milestone
Image courtesy of Viking Line

Viking Line recently reached a milestone with 1000th LNG bunkering operation conducted via ship-to-ship method by Seagas bunkering vessel

In February 2012, Viking Line signed an agreement with Swedish AGA Gas for the delivery of liquefied natural gas for its newly ordered LNG-powered passenger vessel the Viking Grace.

Since Viking Grace entered service in January 2013,  Seagas conducted 1000 bunkering operations, delivering 60 tons of liquefied natural gas to the passenger ferry when moored at Stadsgården in Stockholm.

The Seagas is the first vessel of its kind in the world and is classified according to the same regulations as for ocean-going LNG tankers.


LNG World News Staff

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