Photo: Illustration only (Courtesy of Excelerate Energy)

Vopak eyes LNG import terminal in Victoria

Rotterdam-headquartered energy storage infrastructure company Vopak is eyeing the development of an LNG terminal in Australia’s state of Victoria.

Vopak eyes LNG import terminal in Victoria
Illustration only (Courtesy of Excelerate Energy)

The company is currently studying the feasibility of developing an LNG import terminal in Port Phillip Bay, off the shoreline of Avalon.

A floating storage regasification unit (FSRU) terminal can supply the ga needs of households, business and industry throughout Victoria as the nation transitions to renewable energy, Vopak said in its statement.

Several existing gas market participants have signed agreements in support of the project development.

Vopak LNG president Kees van Seventer said the LNG project would provide the “bridge to renewables” as the State moves towards zero net carbon by 2050.

Vopak Australia’s managing director Fulco van Geuns said the venture would preferably source construction, products and materials as well as jobs through local suppliers, with an operations centre to be ideally located in Geelong.

“We would like to have the facility operational before Victoria is expected to be facing substantive gas shortages,” he said.

Vopak spent considerable time reviewing sites around Port Phillip Bay before identifying a marine berth concept off-shore from Avalon as striking the balance between the environment, marine life and social amenity, while being close to existing industrial zoning in the south west corridor.

The site has been identified following extensive engagement with local agencies familiar with projects of this nature.

A site at Geelong was given serious consideration but dismissed given the magnitude of dredging required, and the tight navigational and berthing requirements.

The proposed mooring is offshore from Avalon nearby to current anchorage areas in Port Phillip Bay.

The conditions at the marine berth are substantially benign for ongoing operations year-round. A proposed subsea pipeline from the marine berth would meet the shore near Beach Road and continue to run underground, predominantly through land owned by Melbourne Water used for farming, edge a private property and Avalon Airport before connecting to the current pipeline infrastructure for the Victorian market, Vopak’s statement reads.