VOS Discovery Provides Assistance to Workboat in Distress (UK)

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Vroon, an international shipping company, reported that its offshore supply ship VOS Discovery, had responded to a distress call yesterday morning, while undertaking a routine cargo run into Great Yarmouth.

VOS Discovery Provides Assistance to Workboat in Distress (UK)

The distress call came from the Norfolk Tern, a wind farm workboat, which had suffered a fire on-board. Although the fire had been successfully extinguished by the Norfolk Tern crew members, one of them was suffering from smoke inhalation.

VOS Discovery launched her daughter craft and transferred a crew member onto the Norfolk Tern to administer oxygen. VOS Discovery remained in close proximity until the injured person was airlifted to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

“We are pleased to have been able to assist in this incident and extend our appreciation to the crew for their prompt and correct action. We wish the Norfolk Tern crew member a speedy recovery,” Vroon said in a press release.


Vroon, January 21, 2014


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