VSL to build first LNG calibration facility

VSL to build first LNG calibration facility

VSL will develop the international standard for liquefied natural gas in a new measurement and calibration facility for LNG on the Rotterdam Maasvlakte. 

The growing consumption of LNG calls for good measurement solutions for its fair use and trading. The project will start in mid-October and the LNG calibration facility is due to be ready in three years.

The transport benefits have led to a sharp increase in LNG use in recent years. At present there is no global measurement standard, as a result of which the measured volumes and quality of LNG may vary from terminal to terminal or from one country to another. However, to enable fair trading, the counted amount of cubic metres or kilograms of LNG must be the same everywhere. This calls for traceable measurements based on reliable measurement standards, on the same level as those for other fuels.The new LNG calibration facility therefore constitutes an essential facility for a successful future for LNG and a valuable reinforcement of the position of the Netherlands as a key player in the LNG trade.

VSL’s LNG calibration facility on the Maasvlakte will be the first in the world. The facility will be built by an international consortium of various European measurement institutes and industrial partners, of which VSL is the initiator and coordinator.

The industrial partners in the project have specific technical experience in working with LNG, but are not used to working at VSL’s level of accuracy. VSL does have this experience, but is not used to working in the specific conditions and temperatures required for working with LNG. The alliance between these two worlds offers a unique opportunity for new, innovative solutions.

The project has been made financially possible through a combination of private investments, innovation contracts with the government (the Ministry of Economic Affairs), and European subsidies.


Press Release, October 9, 2014; Image: Gate LNG