Welltec Finishes Excellent Cleaning Job Offshore (Denmark)

Welltec was given the challenge to remove an unknown amount of sticky substance from an offshore well and to do it on electric line. The challenge was accepted.

Initially, the operator did not know exactly how much of the sticky material was present in the well and in case it was just a bridge, it could easily be removed by the Well Cleaner PST.

Different filters and shoes were thus run with the Well Cleaner PST in order to remove the sticky substance. Excellent progress was made down to 12,466 ft. where it was concluded that the amount of debris was excessive to remove it all.

Before the Well Cleaner PST, the well had only been cleaned out to 12,005 ft.

Client Quote

“The operation was executed with a very good level of performance from the entire team offshore, downhole tools performed beyond expectations and the steady progress was impressive given the challenge.”

Source: Welltec , October 31, 2011

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