Welsh Liberal Democrats welcome tidal lagoon news

Welsh Liberal Democrats have welcomed the news about the Governments plans to subsidy the proposed Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project.

In the Budget 2015 report UK government announced its plans to enter formal negotiations with Swansea Bay tidal lagoon developer over the financing subsidy for Swansea tidal project, which could create thousands of jobs in Wales.

Jenny Willott, Welsh Lib Dem MP for Cardiff Central, said: “This is fantastic news for anyone who believes in green energy. As well as supplying our own green ‘homegrown’ electricity, this reported announcement would also help reduce our reliance on importing energy from potentially volatile parts of the world including Russia and the Middle East.”

Peter Black, Welsh Lib Dem Assembly Member for South Wales West, added: “This lagoon has the potential to bring a massive economic boost for Swansea and surrounding areas. It is expected that the project could produce a huge number of local jobs and could well generate millions of pounds in the region.”

Image: Welsh Liberal Democrats