yellow buoy coming back to Holyhead Port for maintenance, after a year at sea.

Buoy comes back for maintenance after one year of gauging tidal energy device effects on wildlife 

Menter Mon-managed wildlife monitoring buoy, in charge of collecting marine wildlife information off the coast of Holyhead, has been brought back to Holyhead Port for maintenance, after a year at sea.

Source: Menter Mon

The mission of the buoy equipment, which records wildlife behavior in the Morlais zone, is to understand the impact of the Morlais tidal energy devices on local wildlife, if any are present.

This wildlife monitoring buoy was deployed in the sea off the coast of Holyhead on June 15, 2023, scoring a notable milestone for tidal energy in Wales, as the data gathered is anticipated to be used to make decisions on future turbine installations at the Morlais tidal energy site as well as similar projects worldwide.

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The work is supported by the Crown Estate, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, and the Welsh Government. Operating on solar and wind energy, the buoy features data collection technology, including surface and underwater infrared and red-green-blue cameras.

As part of the Marine Characterisation Research Project (MCRP) led by Menter Môn, the project’s goal is to assist in safeguarding marine wildlife as turbines are deployed off the coast of Holy Island in north Wales.

After the MCRP phase ends, turbine installation in the Morlais zone is expected to start in 2026. Environmental monitoring will continue throughout the project to protect marine mammals and seabirds.

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