Wijnne Barends to Fit Four More Vessels with Scrubbers

Dutch shipping company Wijnne Barends has signed a contract with Value Maritime to equip another four vessels with the scrubbers.

The vessels in question are the Lady Helene, Lady Dawn, Lady Diane and Lammy. The units are sister ships from the Lady Hester, that was already fitted with Value Maritime’s scrubber.

The company said that the installation will take place in March and May 2020.

All four ships will be outfitted with a 3.0MW Value Maritime scrubber solution.

Value Maritime undertook its first commercial installation on the Lady Hester, having finalized a complete retrofit scrubber installation in only 9 days.

The preinstalled scrubber arrived by truck from Holland and was simply placed onboard the Lady Hester, after which the 20ft casing was mounted to a supporting structure on the deck, the company explained.

The seawater inlet and outlet were installed on the ship and connected to the container, and a three way valve was placed on the exhaust connecting to the scrubber.

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