Work Continues on Western HVDC Link

The vessel Go Pegasus will carry out pre-lay survey and pre-lay grapnel run for the cable laying campaign of the second deep water cable of the Western HVDC Link in the Irish Sea, AWJ Marine informed Wednesday.

This installation campaign will take place over a distance of about 120km, starting in Liverpool Bay and finishing to the south of the Isle of Man.

The survey along the route will be conducted by using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

This will include a survey of the pre-lay mattresses that were installed at cable and pipeline crossings along the route during 2015.

After surveying the route, the pre-lay grapnel run (PLGR) should ensure that the cable route is clear from any obstructions that could hamper cable burial.

During the PLGR, sonar markers will be installed at cable and pipeline crossings to ensure that the cable is layed across the mattresses at these locations.

According to AWJ Marine, the PLGR is expected to start March 18, 2016.

Cable laying and burial work will then follow, carried out by the cable laying vessel Giulio Verne, accompanied by the Go Pegasus.