Works on RRS Discovery Almost Complete (Spain)

Works on RRS Discovery Almost Complete (Spain)

Work is nearing completion on the new Royal Research Ship (RRS) Discovery, which is being built by CNP Freire, SA in Vigo, Spain. This Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)-commissioned vessel is currently undergoing a series of Harbour Acceptance Tests on the winches and overside handling equipment.

Once these are completed, she will undertake a period of final sea trials in early May before being handed over to NERC in June. The vessel will start work on scientific operations later this year and will be officially named in Southampton in October.

RRS Discovery joins the RRS James Cook in the NERC fleet of ocean-going, multidisciplinary research ships, operated by National Marine Facilities Sea Systems, based at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton. At almost 100-metres in length, and with a displacement of 6,075 tonnes, Discovery will carry a marine crew of 24 crew and has accommodation for 28 scientists and technicians.

Like the RRS James Cook – which recently featured on BBC news, exploring hydrothermal vents in the Cayman Trough, using the Isis remotely operated vehicle – Discovery’s role will be to support scientific missions worldwide that enable us to understand the role of the oceans in the Earth system. The ship is fitted with a comprehensive suite of laboratories, handling systems, and sensors that will enable her to carry out research spanning a wide range of ocean issues that impact on society, including climate change, ocean acidification, earthquakes, tsunamis and underwater landslides.


Press Release, March 26, 2013