Xodus strikes up Japanese offshore wind partnership

Xodus Group has established a partnership with Japanese consultancy E&E Solutions to deliver advice and analysis for the offshore wind market in Japan.

The partnership will provide integrated advisory and technical services for offshore wind developers, owners, operators and lenders.

Xodus expects the collaboration to bring its international experience in helping clients address industry challenges together with E&E Solutions’ experience in providing environmental and renewable energy consulting services across Japan.

“With a background of providing support to renewable energy projects around the world, the cooperative arrangement with Xodus Group will allow us to provide a holistic service covering engineering, environmental and commercial advice,” said Tomohiko Ike, Director of E&E Solutions.

“By engaging with Xodus, which has expertise in floating offshore wind power generation, we will be able to support the further growth of offshore wind especially within Japanese waters, where few shallow waters are present, providing independent advice for consentable, constructible and commercially viable offshore wind projects.”