Yanmar delivers engines for MOL’s LNG tugboat

Japanese technology company Yanmar has delivered two dual-fuel commercial marine engines with the ability to use both heavy fuel oil (HFO) and liquefied natural gas as fuels for MOL’s LNG tugboat.

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) will take delivery of the vessel once construction is completed in February 2019, Yanmar said in a statement.

The tugboat expected to commence operation in April 2019.

Yanmar has also received orders for the LNG fuel tanks, buffer tanks, and gas combustion devices that make up the LNG fuel feed systems for the engines.

The MOL-owned vessels will be manufactured by Kanagawa Dockyard and operated by Nihon Tug-Boat with Osaka Gas providing the LNG fuel.

This is the first time that an LNG-fueled boat has been constructed in Japan, based on the IGF Code.