ZeroLab, South32 team up on shipping emissions analysis

ZeroLab, Torvald Klaveness’ subsidiary dedicated to the decarbonisation of seaborne supply chains, and Australian mining and metals company South32 have partnered to complete an analysis of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated through shipping, which contribute to South32’s reported Scope 3 emissions.

MV Baru in Bunbury, Australia. Courtesy of Torvald Klaveness

As informed, the work aims to provide more accurate insights into shipping emissions to better inform decisions on how they can be addressed.

The analysis tracked GHG emissions generated by the transport of freight through shipping with calculations based on satellite data, using actual vessel behaviour and sailing distance. This method improves accuracy when compared to the previous method, where calculations were based on spend associated with shipping procurement, according to the duo.

The data is then made available through an online dashboard powered by Klaveness Digital’s CargoValue solution, which includes information such as shipping related emissions per vessel, and the associated loading and discharge ports.

The project is said to reflect the increasing demand from customers, investors, and other stakeholders for high-quality sustainability data. The next phase of the project will see ZeroLab and South32 establish an emissions baseline and review the data to explore potential opportunities to reduce emissions associated with the shipment of South32’s raw material inputs and products.

“Charterers are keen to understand the role of transportation in their emissions footprint, but while we wait for regulation to catch up, the industry will depend on front-runners to pave the way towards a future of zero emissions freight,” Morten Skedsmo, Head of ZeroLab, commented.

“Working with ZeroLab enables us to assess greenhouse gas emissions more accurately within the value chain. The improved data will give us valuable insights and assist with our decision-making when it comes to addressing Scope 3 emissions. We recognise the critical importance of collaborating to support value chain decarbonisation,” Holly Buschman, South32 VP Sustainability Strategy & Community, said.