140 Miles Left for Concordia to Reach Genoa

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After 22 hours of navigation of Costa Concordia, the convoy is now at over 50 miles off Giglio Island with about 140 miles from Genoa Prà-Voltri. At present, navigation speed is 2.0 knots .

140 Miles Left for Concordia to Reach Genoa

Weather and sea conditions are good, with calm sea and 6-7 knots of wind from North/North East.

The first environmental sampling activity has been performed yesterday evening , in the stern and bow area, as per predefined plan.

This morning technicians have done an inspection around the ship: no anomalies have been detected in sponsons and in their connections to the wreck.


Update: Costa Concordia Begins Navigation Towards Genoa

Operations for Costa Concordia Departure in Progress

Press Release, July 24, 2014; Image: The Parbuckling

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