VIDEO: Azeri oil platform still burning

Gunashli 10
Gunashli 10 burning. Image by: Azeri ministry of emergency situations

The Gunashli 10 oil platform that caugh fire on December 4, 2015 is still burning, with the Azeri authorities struggling to quell the fire more than twenty days since the incident started.

To remind, the fire broke out after a gas riser was damaged in a storm. Sixty three persons were aboard the Gunashli 10 at the time of the incident.  Thirty three workers were rescued.

Eight people have been confirmed dead so far, and their bodies have been recovered. The latest body was found floating in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan’s ministry of emergency situations informed on Sunday.

According to available information, 22 workers remain unacounted for. Socar, the operator of the platform, said the relatives of the missing workers have joined the search and rescue operations.

The Gunashli field is an offshore oil field in the Caspian Sea, located 120 kilometers east of Baku, Azerbaijan.

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Offshore Energy Today Staff