An image from The Zero Carbon Humber (ZCH) Partnership with "zero starts here" positioned in the grass with a city in the background

2050 starts in 2020, and it starts with offshore wind and green hydrogen

Humankind achieved its first interstellar flight in 2063 with a spacecraft powered by a warp drive, based on a matter-antimatter system fuelled by deuterium, a hydrogen isotope, and its antimatter equivalent. This is according to Star Trek, a series famous for featuring several things we might take for granted today back in the seventies and the eighties, long before they were on the map of becoming a reality. Although travelling faster than the speed of light and stretching the fabric of space-time will not become one of those things in a foreseeable future, hydrogen (in its full glory) will. Green hydrogen, whose production is driven by renewables, is now certain to be a big part of what will power the world in the mid-21st century.

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