40th anniversary of SPE Aberdeen. Impressive array of panelists

2014 is a very special year for SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) Aberdeen Section as it reaches its landmark 40th anniversary.

40th anniversary of SPE Aberdeen
SPE Aberdeen Chairman, Anthony Onukwu


To mark this and acknowledge the continuous efforts made by its members across the years, SPE Aberdeen will celebrate with a black-tie dinner on Thursday, 7 August, which will welcome an impressive line-up of key industry panellists who are attending the night’s celebration as a recognition of SPE’s immense contribution to the technical development and knowledge sharing of the upstream oil and gas industry worldwide.

The evening’s keynote address will be delivered by Helge Haldorsen, Statoil Vice President of Strategy and Portfolio for North America who will also be SPE International’s President in 2015.

The night will also see a special panel debate attended by Trevor Garlick, Regional President BP North Sea; Glen Cayley, Vice President Upstream, Shell UK; Pete Jones, Managing Director, TAQA; Gordon Ballard, Chairman & Country Manager, Schlumberger and by Jeremy Cresswell, Energy Editor, The Press and Journal. The panel session will be moderated by Mrs. Andrea Brymer, the STV Newsreader and Reporter.

The SPE Aberdeen Chairman, Anthony Onukwu explains: “We are honoured to announce such an impressive array of panelists, who come together to celebrate the ethos, efforts and 40 years of constant commitment with which our Section has provided the industry. That will be the night when we openly discuss our journey, as a Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and, also, the night when the journey – past and future – of the North Sea will be discussed, too.

SPE Aberdeen has developed in tandem with the oil and gas sector in Scotland, and has been a constant presence through the industry boom of the ‘70s, the dramatic fall of the ‘90s and now when the future of the North Sea becomes a real challenge. The evening will showcase the oil and gas industry’s journey over the past 40 years and the impact SPE Aberdeen Section has had upon the local industry and the wider Scottish community.”


Press Release, July 29, 2014


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