6th Installation of KCI’s Multi Purpose Platform for Wintershall

6th Installation of KCI’s Multi Purpose Platform for Wintershall

In early August, the 6th installation of KCI’s self installing and floating concept the Multi Purpose Platform (MPP) took place. Customer Wintershall envisaged to relocate a MPP from location P6-S to Q1-D where the platform will find a new challenge.

Prior to the transport, the P6-S platform was decommissioned and obsolete equipment was removed. The MPP topside structure consists out of two large floaters supported by 4 piles with suctions anchors.

In order to relocate this platform, KCI was awarded the preparation of the procedures for the removal from the P6-S location and the installation at Q1-D. KCI also prepared the topside piping modifications that were required for the new location. In addition to this, KCI also carried out the structural strength analysis for the Q1-D platform and the detailed design for the new Q1-D pipeline including the riser and subsea tie-in spools.

About 15 years ago KCI introduced its innovative MPP concept to the North Sea. At that time 3 MPP’s were built and installed for Clyde Petroleum. The current owner, Wintershall Noordzee BV, has now relocated all 3 MPP’s which was exactly the intention of this flexible type of platform.

‘’Exploiting small gas fields is relatively expensive. With the re-use of the MPP it is not needed to build a new platform from scratch and field Q1-D can be developed at very low costs’’: states Peter Valkenier, Engineering and Construction Manager at Wintershall.

Press Release, September 10, 2013