ABS Presents Guidance on Subsea Hybrid Risers

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ABS, the provider of classification and technical services to the offshore industry, said it has published the first set of recommended practices for hybrid riser systems in the offshore industry, titled “ABS Guidance Notes on Subsea Hybrid Riser Systems”.

“The introduction of new approaches like those being considered for hybrid risers has the potential to positively impact safety,” explains ABS chairman, president and CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki. “At ABS, we understand how important it is to keep pace with industry advances in order to develop leading guidance that is in step with the introduction of new components and evolving technology.”

Developed with industry partners for use in conjunction with the ABS Guide for Building and Classing Subsea Riser Systems, the updated ABS Guidance Notes on Subsea Hybrid Riser Systems covers issues associated with hybrid riser design, analysis, fabrication, installation, integrity management and decommissioning.

The Guidance Notes (GN), which include clear procedures and requirements for reducing risk and uncertainty, can be used for certification or verification of design, construction, and installation of subsea production, injection, and/or export risers. Also included in the updated GN are information addressing best practices and example designs and analysis.

“As water depths increase and hybrid risers attract more interest, it is important to have guidance that is practical, relevant, and appropriate,” says ABS executive vice president, Global Offshore, Ken Richardson. “This GN is yet another indication of ABS leading offshore classification.”

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