Advertorial: Sale of the SAILDAISY

Photographer: Gerolf Drebes


By Istanbul Anatolia 11th Execution Office

(Ship not Registered in the Turkish Register of Ships)

Type, nature, value, number, important features of the property decided to be sold:

Notification of the Sale Announcement According to the Article 127 of the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law (EBL):
With this announcement for sale, it is hereby notified by PUBLICATION to the concerned parties whose names have been provided in the submitted registration records but whose addresses could not be found therein provided that notifications sent to them cannot be served.

Complaint to Procedures and Objection according to Article 142 of EBL:
It is hereby notified by publication to the concerned parties in accordance with the Articles 83, 100, 142, 151 of EBL, and Articles 789 and 777 of the Civil Code that, should the auction take place to the account of debts or the sum of sale is paid to the mortgage holder in accordance with the Article 138 of EBL, the concerned parties should follow the sale procedures and submit their petition with due explanations as to their use of their right of complaint and objection to the sale due to the contradiction in procedures in accordance with the Article 142 of EBL.

Ship Name: Saildaisy IMO number: 8884957, Registration Number: 876102 Ship Registration Records: not registered to Turkish Register of Ships, Flag: Malta, Port of Registry: İTaganrog, MMSI:256060000, Type of ship: General cargo ship, Recognition sign: 9HJT8 Year of built:1989 length overall: 108,40 m, Width: 14,80 m, Depth: 5,00m, Draft: 3.254 m, Gross tonnage: 2.360 ton, Net tonnage: 910 ton, DW tonnage: 3.284 ton, Light Ship: 1091,5 ton, Main engine: 2*515kw

It was observed as of the ship investigation date that (investigation date 15.06.2016) the ship named SAILDAISY has been waiting at Cemsan shipyard, where it is still present, for a long period in this condition at the Hidrodinamik shipyard to which it arrived for maintenance – repair without shipman other than the personnel on duty; the required routine maintenance and repair works could not be performed for this reason. the steel construction is seen painted and poor coordination. its certificates expired and surveys must be performed and the ship must be equipped for making it suitable for sea and travel again.

The ship named SAILDAISY, IMO number 8884957, is at the age of 27 as of the investigation date. high maintenance repair expenses are caused by ships at such age since they completed their technical life resulting in difficulty in their operation in economical terms. therefore, they may be sold at a value correlated with their scrap value when they are offered for sale. Light ship weight of the ship is 1.091,5 tons. Value of the ship named SAILDAISY, IMO no 8884957, is approximately try 544,084.00 (Five Hundred Forty Four Thousand Eighty Four Turkish Liras) equivalent to USD 185,555 (One Hundred And Eighty Five Thousand Five Hundred And Fifty Five American Dollars) at the foreign exchange selling rate of the republic of turkey central bank (USD/TRY 2.9322 try) as of the investigation date at its location and in its condition as of the date of investigation (15.06.2016) considering the current condition of the ship and all factors listed above affecting value of the ship.
Value: TRY 544,084.00.
Vat rate: 18%
1st Auction: 27/01/2017 15:30 – 15:40
2nd Auction: 27/02/2017 15:30 – 15:40
Selling Area: Istanbul Anatolian Court House Property Sale Auction Hall Kartal, Istanbul
Note: the final condition of the ship to be sold may be seen onsite at the dock of Hidrodinamik shipyard located at Tersaneler caddesi no: 40, Tuzla, Istanbul through application to the file of our directorate no. 2016/465 Talimat subject to the sale specification and permission of the port presidency.

Sale Conditions :
1- Tender shall be made by the auction procedure. bids may be submitted online from the address at twenty days before the first auction no later than the end of the day before the date of auction. it is tendered at a value no higher than 50% of the value estimated in this auction and, if there are privileged creditors, sum of their receivables and costs of sale. in case of no bidder in the first auction, bids may be submitted online as from the fifth day after the first auction up to the end of the day before the second auction day. in this tender, it is also awarded to the bidder who offers the highest price no higher than 50% of the value estimated in this auction and, if there are privileged creditors, sum of their receivables and costs of sale. in case of no buyer at a high value, sale claim shall reduce.
2- Participants of the auction must submit a retention money at 20% of the estimated value or bank letter of guarantee at such amount. sale is made against cash money and the buyer may grant a period no longer than (10) days. stamp tax, vat, ½ title deed fee and delivery expenses are borne by the buyer. brokerage duty and taxes on the property are paid from the selling price.
3- Mortgage holders and other concerned parties (*) are also required to submit their rights on the subject property and their claims for the interest and other charges in particular to our office together with the evidential documents within 15 days. Otherwise, they will be exempted from the allocation unless their rights are registered in the registry office.
4- If the selling price is not paid immediately or in due period, the tender is cancelled as per article 133 of the enforcement and bankruptcy law. all buyers and their guarantors, who participated in the tender and caused termination of the tender due to non-transfer of the tender price, shall be liable for difference between the value offered by them and final tender price and other losses as well as default interest jointly. the tender difference and default interest shall be collected by our office without any need for further judgment and this difference shall be collected from the guarantee amount, if any, primarily.
5- These specifications can be seen by everyone in our Office starting from the date of the announcement, while potential bidders can get a copy of it against the payment of the stamp fee.
6- It is hereby declared that by participating to the auction all bidders will be deemed to have seen the specifications and accepted its content, and that more information can be provided at our Office upon application to our Office with reference to the File No. 2016/465

Deputy Bailiff
Hakan AKKAYA (124572)

• (Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, 126)
• (*) Concerned parties also include the easement right holders
• *: This copy corresponds to the copy 64 used in practice before this regulation.

Republic of Turkey
Istanbul Anatolia
11. th Execution Office
File No: 2016/465 Regulations

Photograph: Gerolf Drebes/Shipspotting

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