Afai Trains New Generations

 Afai Trains New Generations

Recently, Afai Southern Shipyard has admitted a batch of junior college students, in total nineteen persons, for training.

Talent is the first element in development of modern enterprises, especially with respect to competitiveness, and the company’s leaders give great importance to it. In the next period, Afai will carry out examinations and trainings of the students including that on corporate culture, development strategy, labor system as well as three levels’ safety education etc.

The courses will pave the way for informing the students on the actual situation in the company and help them find out their orientation quickly during the work and study. During the apprenticeship they are expected to adapt as soon as possible to the working environment, obeying discipline and changing roles, and work hard for the development of both the company and themselves.

“Afai is an enterprise, but also a big family, hence, the staff should care and help each other, forming a tightly-knit network within the company. The arrival of the fresh labour-force will go ahead and lead toward better achievements of Afai altogether,” Afai said in a release.


Press Release, October 30, 2013