Photo: Courtesy of AGL

AGL releases Crib Point LNG EES

Australian utility AGL Energy has issued the Environmental Effects Statement (EES) for the Gas import jetty and pipeline project at Crib Point, Victoria.

AGL releases Crib Point LNG EES
Courtesy of AGL

The company, together with APA Group have called on public comments to be submitted over a 40-day period starting from July 2 2020.

The two companies are proposing to build a project that would supply imported natural gas into the south-eastern Australian states for industrial, commercial and residential gas customers, meeting a projected domestic gas supply shortfall and improving gas supply certainty from 2024 or earlier.

Floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) would be continuously moored at Berth 2 of Crib Point jetty. Depending on demand, between 12 to 40 LNG ships per year would moor alongside the FSRU at Crib Point to resupply the FSRU with LNG.

The proposed gas import jetty would be connected by a new gas pipeline approximately 57km long, into the Victorian Transmission System (VTS), east of Pakenham.

The pipeline would be developed and constructed by APA Group.

The EES and related documents provide information about the potential environmental, social, economic, and planning impacts of the proposed project.

The documents also outline how these potential impacts would be managed during the construction and operation of the project if it is approved.

To remind, Norwegian floating LNG giant Höegh LNG will deploy its FSRU Höegh Esperanza for the job under a 10-year charter deal.