AG&P launches new small-scale LNG carrier design

AG&P launches new small-scale LNG carrier design
Image courtesy of AG&P

AG&P (Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company) on Wednesday unveiled a new design for an ultra-shallow draft 4,000-8,000-cbm LNG carrier. 

According to the company’s statement the, vessel, capable of accessing rivers and shallow harbors with a draft of only two meters, is a first for the small-scale LNG infrastructure industry in Southeast Asia.

The vessel will serve as a “workhorse” for near-shore LNG deliveries to locations having limited access including shallow rivers and restricted harbors with low water depth.

AG&P further added that the vessel’s cargo capacity is easily scalable from 4,000-cbm to 8,000-cbm and that the vessel is capable of traveling near shore or taking on LNG cargo from floating storage units anchored offshore. It can navigate open seas as well as riverine waterways without the need of tug assistance.

The Philippine company will finance and build the 4000–8000-cbm LNG carrier in 16 months at its manufacturing facility.

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