AJ Lucas Nets QCLNG Trunklines Contract, Australia

AJ Lucas Nets QCLNG Trunklines Contract

AJ Lucas Group Limited announced that it has executed a contract with QGC Pty Limited for the construction and installation of gas and water trunklines for the northern region of the Queensland Curtis LNG Project.

The contract value is $85.5 million and is to be undertaken in a joint venture with Spiecapag Australia, each party having a 50% interest in the joint venture.

The project, located in central Queensland, near Wandoan, entails laying gas (53.6km) and water (24.5km) pipelines together with high voltage power and fibre optic cable (79.8km).

The contract is scheduled to commence construction in mid to late July 2013 with practical completion due by March 2014.

Lucas has over 25 years experience of undertaking major projects in Central and Southern Queensland. Consistent with our usual practice, Lucas will use local businesses to support and undertake this contract, which it considers a key ingredient for the success of this project.

Lucas CEO, Allan Campbell, said: “We are very pleased to have been awarded this contract which recognises our significant experience and long standing capability in the delivery of pipelines in Central Queensland. We are also particularly pleased to be again working with Spiecapag, one of the world’s largest pipeline installation companies, with whom we have previously worked on similarly significant projects.”


LNG World News Staff, June 21, 2013; Image: BG