Alamarin Brings Revolution in Water-Jet Design

Alamarin Brings Revolution in Water-Jet Design

Alamarin-Jet Oy, manufacturer of water jet propulsion units since 1976, has brought a revolution in water-jet design by unveiling the new Alamarin-Jet 245 engine, with the Combi-Frame construction at the heart of its innovation. This new installation method allows the 245 Jet to be installed either outside or inside the hull.

This unique feature allows the designer/boat builder to fine tune a vessels design to ensure that weight distribution and engine location are fully optimised. This also allows the oversized inspection hatch to be located outside or inside the vessel, a key point when looking at operational maintenance in different conditions.

Another benefit of the Combi- Frame design is installation is made much simpler in the case of repowering from another Jet or from a Sterndrive application. Other key designs points are the inclusion of an Integrated Hydraulic Steering Cylinder, Integrated Hydraulic Oil Cooler and Replaceable Conical Stainless Steel Impeller Wear Ring.

All features are designed to assist in simplifying installation and operation. Due to special stator and steering nozzle design the steering response is exceptionally good. Forward bollard pull force is max 8kN which means high cavitation limits. Reverse pulling force is -60% of the forward thrust which is considered very high.

The New 245 Jet is suitable for engines up to 320HP and maximum 4600RPM.


Source: alamarin, November 6, 2013