Alba Tankers joins forces with Seaber to cut emissions by maximizing fleet utilization

Denmark-based tanker owner and operator Alba Tankers has teamed up with Finnish maritime software company to optimize chartering and scheduling processes leading to increased efficiency as well as reduced emissions.

Image credit Alba

Alba Tankers commercially operates chemical and oil tankers in the area of North Europe-West Mediterranean, mainly focusing on vessels below 20,000 DWT, trading petroleum products, chemicals, and vegetable oils with a fleet of 20 vessels.
Commercial operators like Alba Tankers use the Seaber solution for maximizing fleet TCE by supercharging chartering and scheduling functions and also estimate the impact of EU ETS, which is coming into force starting in 2024.

“As any tanker company, we aim to make sure we operate as environmentally friendly as possible. With current and emerging emission regulations the whole planning process becomes more complex. With Seaber’s software our team can quickly make decisions by following KPIs and compare multiple scenarios in no time,” says Håkan Kalmerlind, Head of Commercial Operations at Alba Tankers.

“One of Alba’s objectives is to use innovative technology to further improve efficiency and reduce emissions. This is what inspires the whole Seaber team to further develop our solution jointly with our customers,” Sebastian Sjöberg, CEO and Co-founder of Seaber, said.

 The Seaber software solution helps cargo owners and shipowners plan, communicate, operate and optimize cargo flows and fleet schedules. 

In addition to single-cargo voyages, Seaber supports multi-parcel and multi-port voyages. The technology, based on a modern tech stack, is compatible with existing software solutions such as Voyage Management Systems and ERP’s.