Amarcon Showcases OCTOPUS-Onboard at SMM

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Amarcon, a part of the ABB group, and OceanWaveS GmbH, a fully owned subsidiary of Rutter Inc., will demonstrate an OCTOPUS-Onboard advisory suite including Wave and Surface Current Monitoring System set-up during the SMM in Hamburg, from 9 – 12 September 2014.

Amarcon Showcases OCTOPUS-Onboard at SMMThe Amarcon OCTOPUS-Onboard motion monitoring, forecasting and decision support toolkit has an interface with the Wave and Surface Current Monitoring System (WaMoS® II) from OceanWaveS GmbH. WaMoS II has been developed for real time measurement of directional ocean wave spectra. A significant advantage of WaMoS II is the continuous availability of wave data in rough seas, under harsh weather conditions with limited visibility, and at night.

The WaMoS® II technology is broadly accepted within the maritime community and has been installed on hundreds of vessels throughout the years in segments like offshore & drilling, shuttle tankers, container ships and survey vessels.

WaMoS® II measures and displays all the essential wave field parameters:
-significant wave height (Hs);
-peak wave period (Tp);
-peak wave direction (θp) for both wind sea and swell;
-surface current speed (U);
-current direction (θu);

When delivered together with OCTOPUS-Onboard, this data can also be made visible within OCTOPUS-Onboard in a separate tab. The benefit of combining OCTOPUS-Onboard with WaMoS® II is integrating the real time wave data surrounding the vessel presently and not just weather forecast data. Furthermore, all the collected data from the vessel can be downloaded for data evaluation at the ship owners’ office.

For optimal decision-making support, WaMoS II system is part of a complete OCTOPUS-Onboard motion measurement and forecasting set-up. This way a master of a vessel has a clear insight in operational limitations of the vessel and profits from state of the art decision support when sailing through heavy weather conditions. Critical and safe headings can easily be identified. Additionally, the combining OCTOPUS-Onboard and WaMoS II solution can also identify and quantify fuel saving measures.

SMM visitors can view the demonstration at the Rutter booth, hall B6.FG/001.

Press Release, September 09, 2014



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