Ampelmann Equips Acta Marine’s WFSV

Ampelmann, a provider of motion compensated access solutions, has been contracted by Acta Marine for its newbuild wind farm support vessel, the Acta Orion.

The Acta Orion is a vessel designed for optimal crew comfort and increased uptime. An important factor in the vessel’s capabilities is the inclusion of Ampelmann’s motion compensated gangway.

The Ampelmann gangway provides a stable platform in sea states of up to 2.5m Hs to ensure safe, efficient and reliable transfers of personnel to and from the wind turbines.

In addition, Ampelmann, in close collaboration with Acta Marine, has developed a fully motion compensated cargo solution to enable the transfer of cargo and equipment weighing up to 300 KG to the wind turbine without the need for a crane – a revolutionary step in the industry.

The Acta Orion will initially work as service vessel to the offshore wind industry with the first project being the construction of the Gemini Offshore Wind Park 55km north of the Dutch island of
Schiermonnikoog. The combination of the vessel with an Ampelmann system meets the tough requirements of working for extended periods in the North Sea far from shore.

Image: actamarine