ANHOLT WIND Achieves 1,000 Days without LTI

A crew transfer vessel deployed at Anholt Offshore Wind Farm in Denmark, ANHOLT WIND, celebrated 1,000 days without an Lost Time Injury (LTI) on February 2.

Also Kirsten Bank Christensen, A2SEA Vice President, Group HSEQ, was very satisfied with the achivement: “At A2SEA we are very proud of ANHOLT WIND who has achieved a benchmark of 1,000 days without an LTI. To reach this milestone is the result of an excellent safety performance by all. This includes the continuous day to day efforts where working proactively with safety is embraced into our company DNA and hence actively supporting us all in creating an incident and injury free workplace.”

ANHOLT WIND is deployed at the offshore wind farm together with DJURS WIND and KATTEGAT WIND. All vessels are owned by DONG Energy and managed by A2SEA.

Image: DONG Energy