Aquarius Marine Coatings Rolls Out Anti-Foul Solution

Aquarius Marine Coatings (AMC) has launched its anti-foul coating, Coppercoat-Commercial, in the offshore energy sector.

The coating, which is said to contain exceptionally high levels of copper, a natural anti-microbial agent, protects subsea infrastructure from hosting layers of plant, animal and microbe growth while meeting environmental and safety standards.

The launch follows the completion of a five-year trial funded by EDF Energy and undertaken by Plymouth Marine Labs (PML) in the UK, which concluded that Coppercoat-Commercial is the best protective anti-foul solution for underwater turbines.

Although the trial was carried out with a view to support wave and hydro power facilities, the same coating can be applied equally to any static or dynamic subsea structure to enhance the longevity and efficiency of both fixed and floating wind farms, particularly in areas of significant marine flow, AMC explains.

We developed Coppercoat for the marine industry 30 years ago,” says Jayson Kenny of AMC. “Since then, we have perfected our products and gained plenty of first-hand experience of what happens to vessel’s hulls, and subsea equipment when left unprotected.

“Biofouling on subsea structures can cause all manner of problems, from accelerated ageing, increases in weight, drag and operating temperatures, through to the erosion of metalwork. Ever more commonly we are encountering reports of microbial induced corrosion (MIC), a problem to which Coppercoat-Commercial provides a reliable long-term solution.”

According to AMC, the Coppercoat-Commercial is seen as a key component in extending the lifespan of the infrastructure necessary to support wave or hydro power and can contribute towards making it a viable part of the energy mix.

AMC’s experience in the marine sector has demonstrated that Coppercoat-Commercial can last for 20 to 30 years depending on usage and conditions.

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