AQUIND Issues EUR 1.3 Billion Interconnector Tender

AQUIND Ltd has issued a EUR 1.3 billion tender for the 2GW AQUIND HVDC power transmission link that will connect the UK and France.

The tender is divided into three lots, with the first including the design, engineering, manufacture, installation, commissioning and O&M of two converter stations to be located in Hampshire, UK, and Normandy, France.

Lot 2 refers to the design, engineering, production, installation and commissioning of two circuits of HVDC marine and underground land cable and accessories, as well as fiber optic cables and equipment. The third lot combines lots 1 and 2.

The work is expected to start on 9 August 2020 and conclude on 30 April 2024, with options for contract renewal. The deadline for submitting applications is 4 July 2019 at 12:00 local time.

The AQUIND Interconnector will be configured as twin symmetrical monopoles, with respective net capacities of 1GW. With a 2GW capacity, it will transmit 16,000,000MWh of electricity each year between the two connected countries.