Aquind Supports Launch of RenewableUK’s 2015 Manifesto

Aquind, part of Offshore Group Newcastle, has backed the launch of RenewableUK’s 2015 manifesto at a special reception at the House of Commons.

aquind renewable uk

The North East England-based company, which has developed the innovative Triton steel jacket foundation for the offshore wind sector, sponsored the RenewableUK Parliamentary Reception, which was attended by MPs, peers, civil servants and representatives from the renewables industry.

Among the speakers at the event, which took place at Sixty One Whitehall, was Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary, the Rt. Hon. Caroline Flint.

The event saw the launch of the RenewableUK 2015 Manifesto, which sets out the policy challenges facing the UK government and renewables sector in the run up to the general election next year and how the next government can support continued growth in the wind, wave and tidal industries in the next Parliament.

RenewableUK also unveiled a new regional supply chain and jobs map, which illustrates the rapid growth of the renewables industries. The UK supply chain has evolved dramatically in recent years with companies developing new technologies and service solutions to meet the requirements of the industry.

Among them is Aquind’s foundation structure, which is designed for large wind turbine generators located in depths in excess of 30 metres, which is relevant for more than 70 percent of offshore wind farms in Round 3 developments.

Kirill Glukhovskoy, Corporate & Business Development Director for Aquind, said: “Some types of renewable energy like onshore wind and solar are approaching grid parity with traditional generation. Renewable energy has become an important contributor to the global energy mix. It has become possible because of earlier commitments to support renewables made by many countries.

“Britain is uniquely positioned to grow the benefits from its onshore and offshore wind and marine energy resources. To further develop these technologies, build out local supply chains and accumulate skills and expertise we need at least 15-20 years of policy certainty.

“It would help create thousands and thousands more jobs across the country re-energising many communities still suffering from the decline in shipbuilding, steel and other manufacturing industries like Wallsend. Breaking up this commitment will not only stop the progress but will destroy the existing achievements.”

Maria McCaffery, Chief Executive of RenewableUK, said: “It was great for us to work with Aquind on this reception, and to have such a good example of the potential of the offshore supply chain presenting to MPs and Peers.”

Press Release, June 30, 2014