Arabia I jack-up rig; Source: Borr Drilling

Aramco hands out 12-month jack-up rig suspension to Borr Drilling

Offshore drilling contractor Borr Drilling has received a notice of temporary suspension of operations for one of its jack-up rigs working for Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s energy giant, in the Middle East.

Arabia I jack-up rig; Source: Borr Drilling

The temporary suspension for up to 12 months is for Borr Drilling’s Arabia I jack-up rig, currently undertaking drilling activities in Saudi Arabia. The suspension is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2024. During the suspension period, the rig owner intends to seek alternative engagement for the rig.

The Arabia I and Arabia II rigs embarked on their respective three-year contracts with the Saudi energy giant in 2022. These two were joined by the Arabia III premium jack-up rig, which started its five-year firm contract with Aramco in August 2023.

The 2020-built Arabia I jack-up rig is of Keppel FELS B Class design and can accommodate 150 people. With a maximum drilling depth of 30,000 ft, the rig is capable of working in water depths of 400 ft. According to Borr Drilling’s most recent fleet status report, the assignment with Aramco is slated to end in October 2025. However, the Saudi giant can extend the rig’s work further.

This is not the only rig suspension issued by Aramco, as the company recently sent a notice of suspension for one of Valaris’ 19 contracted rigs.

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In addition, it is believed that the suspension of operations, which Shelf Drilling got for four jack-up rigs in the Middle East, also came from the Saudi energy heavyweight.