Ark Shipping takes delivery of anchor handler for Caspian ops

A new shallow-draft anchor-handling tug supply (AHTS) vessel designed by Offshore Ship Designers (OSD) has been delivered to Russian inland waterways operator and offshore logistics service provider, Ark Shipping.

OSD said on Tuesday that the AHTS Antarctic, designed in close co-operation with the owner, was partly based on the design of another OSD-designed ship, the Arctic, which was delivered to Ark Shipping in 2012.

The DP1 vessel has a Bureau Veritas Ice Class Notation and is fully equipped to operate in the challenging and extreme conditions of the Caspian Sea, where ice formation of around 80 cm during the winter period is not exceptional, the company added. Construction of the hull from special-grade steel will enable the Antarctic to endure minimum temperatures of -25 to -30 C°. Hull construction, meanwhile, has been optimized to create a relatively low-weight hull for an ice-class 1A vessel.

Antarctic’s large breadth forms a stable platform for stand-by rescue, supply and anchor-handling operations under extreme conditions. The vessel can supply and load different cargoes such as cement, liquid mud, fuel oil, fresh water and black water. The minimum draft in a light operating condition of approximately 2.5 m facilitates access to the shallower parts of the Caspian Sea.

The Antarctic has a Standby Rescue Vessel class notation for 100 survivors. An innovative accommodation design offers sufficient room for survivors and ensures proper sanitary facilities. The vessel has a total propulsion power of 4923 kW and 6600 hp. It has six rudders with a triple steering gear and double-cylinder set-up. Three Cummins QSK60 Engines drive three high-thrust propellers. a configuration which ensures a high bollard pull and excellent maneuverability, even in icy and shallow waters.

OSD managing director, Michiel Wijsmuller, said: “Ark Shipping has been operating vessels in the Caspian Sea for almost 30 years, establishing a reputation for excellence and innovation. It must meet the requirements of the major oil and gas companies in the area, so it is always looking to push the boundaries of orthodox technology to provide high-quality vessels which operate in an efficient and safe manner in difficult environments. We are delighted that Ark returned to OSD for its latest vessel, which adds to our continually expanding design portfolio.”