Black Sea drilling campaign ‘off to a very strong start’

As gas flows from another well, Black Sea drilling campaign ‘off to a very strong start’

After starting production from the second well in its 2022 – 2023 drilling campaign on a natural gas field in the Black Sea off Türkiye, Canada’s oil and gas producer Trillion Energy has disclosed the well’s flow test results. 

SASB field; Source: Trillion Energy

Once the Uranus rig – which was hired in May 2022 – arrived at the Akçakoca platform, Trillion’s first wellSouth Akçakoca-2, in the drilling campaign on the SASB natural gas field was spudded in September 2022, following delays.

The preliminary gas indications from the well were revealed in October 2022, after numerous potential gas zones were identified on logging. The Canadian player announced the flow test results for the well earlier this month and started the recompletion work on the second well – Akçakoca-3 – in its 17-well development programme on this shallow-water conventional gas field. The well was expected to come on stream last week.

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In an update earlier this week, Trillion announced flow test results for the Akcakoca-3 natural gas well, outlining that three sands with a total of 34 metres of natural gas pay were identified for perforation in the well. Upon the first perforation of the upper 7-metre sand, the well experienced a pressure buildup up to 7.0 MMcf/d (32/64” choke) while wellhead pressure measured 1,400 psi.

Furthermore, based on initial gas flow and reservoir pressure data from the perforation of the first sand, a decision was made to start producing this zone and perforate the remaining two sands – totaling 27 metres – at a future date after production from the initial perforated interval starts to decline. The final production flow rate will ultimately be established at the processing facility, as highlighted by the Canadian company.

Arthur Halleran, CEO of Trillion Energy, remarked: “We are very pleased that our multi-well drilling program is off to a very strong start. We are “two for two” so far with both South Akcakoca-2 and Akcakoca-3 wells now successfully producing gas. Each well additionally has 10s of metres of identified gas sands ready for perforation and production in the future to keep production levels up. This is a desirable situation for the company to be in.”

After completing the activities at the Akçakoca platform, the Uranus rig will continue Trillion’s work programme by moving to the next platform at the SASB field.