Australia: Beach Provides Update on Aug Drilling Operations

Beach Provides Update on Aug Drilling Operations

Australia’s Beach Energy has released its monthly drilling report for the month of August 2013.

Nappamerri Trough Natural Gas

The vertical exploration campaign continued in ATP 855 ( Beach Energy 46.9% and operator, Icon Energy Ltd 35.1%, Chevron Australia Exploration 18%) , with Keppel – 1 safely suspended after gas influx from the over – pressured Epsilon Formation.

A plug has been set in the base of the intermediate casing and the rig was released t o drill the Boston-3 horizontal well in PEL 218 ( Beach 70% and operator, Chevron 30% ).

The ATP 855 Joint Venture will evaluate options to address the resource identified by the gas flows in Keppel-1.

Drilling in PEL 218 recommenced on 3 August with Rapid-1, a vertical exploration well, located in the western part of the permit. Rapid-1 is currently drilling ahead in 8 1/2” hole at depth of 2,654 metres .

Cooper Basin Oil and Gas Exploration and Development

In the gas development program in Queensland (Beach 23.2%, Santos 60.3% and operator, Origin Energy 16.3%) Okotoko West-3 ST1 is at 855 metres, with operations suspended pending resolution of mechanical issues with the rig.

In the South Australian Cooper Basin Joint Venture (SACB JV) gas development program (Beach 20.21%, Santos 66.6% and Operator, Origin 13.19%), Cowralh-17, -IS, -27 and -28 were cased and suspended as gas wells.

Cowralh-19 spudded on 1 September and is currently drilling ahead at 799 metres. Cowralh-29 spudded on 27 August and is currently drilling ahead at 2,832 metres.

In the SACB JV unconventional gas appraisal program, Langrnuir-1 is currently drilling ahead at 3,238 metres. Moornba-194 spudded on 25 August and is currently drilling ahead at 2,249 metres.

In the Queensland Cooper Basin oil development program (Beach 20%, Santos 55% and operator. Origin 25%), Cook-27 was cased and suspended as a future Hutton oil producer.

Drilling in the Irtahefield (Beach 38.5%, Santos 55.5%, Bridgeport (Eromanga) Pty Ltd 2%, Australian Gasfields Limited 2%, Bounty Oil and Gas N.L. 2%) recommenced on 22 August with the drilling of Irtahe East-4.

The well was cased and suspended as a future Basal Birkhead/Hutton oil producer. In the SACB JV oil development program, drilhrg in the Charo field recommenced on 30 July with the Charo-18 oil appraisal well, which was targetirg Basal Birkhead/Hutton sands.

This well is a twin to Charo-7, a Mid-Birkhead oil producer. Due to wellbore conditions, openhole wireline logs were not able to be run. Charo-18 was cased and suspended based on a comparison between Charo-7 wireline logs and Charo-18 measurement while drilling (MWD) logs.


LNG World News Staff, September 4, 2013; Image: Beach




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