Australia grants Tamarama pipeline license to Real Energy

The Queensland Government has granted Real Energy a pipeline license between the Tamarama producing wells and Santos’ Mount Howitt facility.

The Tamarama wells are located on Real Energy’s ATP927 permit in the Cooper Basin, in South West Queensland.

Real Energy said on Tuesday that the pipeline license was for a term of 30 years and could be renewed as required.

The gas pipeline will allow raw gas to be produced and transported firstly to the Mount Howitt facility and then into the gas processing and transport infrastructure owned by Santos and Beach Energy.

It is worth reminding that Real Energy executed a gas processing and transporting agreement with Santos and Beach Energy last year.

According to the company, these agreements together with this pipeline license now allow for the potential commercialization of gas from the three Tamarama gas wells and future wells at Real Energy’s 100 percent-owned Windorah gas project.

An independent petroleum engineering report assessed that the 3C gas resource at Windorah is 672 bcf of gas at standard temperate and pressure bases.

The estimates of contingent resources are based on the area surrounding Queencliff-1 and Tamarama-1, located within ATP 927P exploration permit.

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