Australia: Searcher Seismic Announces Bonaparte 3D Ultracube PSTM Reprocessing

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Following on from the success of the Barrow Ultracube in the Carnarvon Basin, Searcher Seismic and Fugro have now expanded the Ultracube concept of high quality 3D PSTM reprocessing from field tape and contiguous migration into the Bonaparte Basin to offer the industry a fully PSTM reprocessing 3D cube covering a surface area of over 4,600 km2 in size.

The PSTM reprocessing from field tape of six selected 3D surveys to create one contiguous Bonaparte Ultracube brings Searcher’s 3D PSTM Ultracube data library to over 36,000 km2. Contiguous volume interpretation on a basin wide scale will provide the foundation of future exploration in the Bonaparte Basin.

The seismic data processing is currently being undertaken in Perth, Western Australia and will provide a consistent 3D dataset which has the potential to further understand the regional stratigraphic and structural interpretation of the Bonaparte basin. A full suite of additional products will be generated during the processing sequence and will allow further work such as depth processing, AVO studies and inversion.

Subsea World News Staff , March 29, 2012;  Image: Searcher Seismic

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