Bard Offshore 1 Clocks Up 3 TWh of Generated Power

Bard Offshore 1 marked another first for German offshore wind farms after recently generating 3 TWh of electricity since first starting to produce power in 2013.

The wind farm has generated 1 TWh of electricity since November 2015, when Ocean Breeze Energy announced the wind farm reaching the 2 TWh mark.

Bard Offshore 1 is located 100 kilometers northwest of Borkum and comprises 80 BARD 5.0 MW wind turbines with a total capacity of 400 MW. The wind turbines are installed at water depths of up to 40 metres.

Ocean Breeze Energy is the owner and operator of the wind farm. Ocean Breeze is in turn 100% indirectly held by UniCredit Bank AG, Munich.

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