Belgium: Renewables, Gas Companies Create Partnership for Europe’s Energy Future

Belgium: Renewables, Gas Companies Create Partnership for Europe’s Energy Future

“The Energy Partnership – The European Coalition for Renewable Energy and Gas” has been launched today, bringing together energy companies in a major initiative with the support of European Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger.

The Energy Partnership is a unique alliance of companies from the energy sector which aims at creating the conditions for a European energy market based upon the complementary use of renewable energy and gas. The founding partners, Alpine Energie, Dong Energy, First Solar, GE and Shell, will work together to deliver practical solutions, and to raise awareness of the need for an integrated European energy policy for 2030 and beyond.

Launching the Partnership in the presence of Commissioner Oettinger, Vice President, DONG Energy, Jan Ingwersen said:

“This partnership between the renewable energy and gas is a brand novel way of unifying the industry forces that are so essential for Europe to reach its 2050 de-carbonization and energy goals. It is the first time the industries build a common ground and seek to outline a pathway towards 2030 and 2050. Renewables and gas are a strong match, together they can deliver the reliable, low CO2 emitting and cost efficient energy Europe calls for.”

Introducing the Partnership Stephan Reimelt, CEO GE Energy Germany, stated:

“Combining variable renewable energy and the flexibility of gas is key to Europe’s low-carbon energy future. Companies from different parts of the energy market are launching this new alliance because the evidence is clear that renewables and gas offer the most affordable, reliable, and sustainable pathway for an energy secure Europe.”

Jörg Gmeinbauer, Director, Alpine – Energie, stated:

“It’s time for a systems approach to Europe’s energy policy. We need integrated policies, market reforms, and investment in generation, transmission, and infrastructure if we are to achieve Europe’s energy goals. We have formed the Energy Partnership because together the partners can offer practical pathways to the future based on the synergy between renewables and gas.”


Press release, October 31, 2012; Image: DONG Energy