Bergen Group Clinches Contract with NSSR

Bergen Group Services today announced a long-term service and maintenance contract for several of the vessels operated by the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue.

Bergen Group Clinches Contract with NSSR

The contract with Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue is for 10 years and has an estimated value of NOK 35-40 million. The agreement includes all the society’s rescue vessels using MTU-engines. This is a total of 10 rescue vessels stationed various places along the Norwegian coast.

The service and maintenance work will be carried out both at Bergen Group Services head location in Bergen and by using mobile service carrying out work at the base stations for the vessels.

Bergen Group Services has over the years built up a comprehensive capacity and expertise in the service and maintenance of engines from high-speed vessels. These vessels are often used in critical assignments requiring a very high reliability. This puts great demands on the quality of service and maintenance on these motor installations.

The contract with the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue is an important contribution to the process of further developing our capacity related to demanding maritime services. The contract confirms our strong position in this segment“, says managing director Frode Johansson in Bergen Group Services.

He also pointed out that the company recently entered into similar agreements with the Norwegian Defense Logistics Organisation (FLO) on maintenance and service work related to the Armed Forces MTU engines.


March 5, 2014

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