Bergen Group Secures Njord Bravo FSO Job (Norway)

Bergen Group Secures Njord Bravo FSO Job (Norway)

Bergen Group Rosenberg AS has been awarded a Letter Of Intent (LOI) from Statoil for an onshore modification project on the Njord Bravo-FSU vessel. The contract value is estimated to NOK 212 million (USD 35 million)exclusive of options, and includes FEED study activities and EPCIc (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and commissioning assistance) scope.

The work scope for the Njord Bravo FSO (Floating Storage and Offloading) Vessel includes amongst others modifications and upgrade of the accommodation, machinery, thrusters and control system. The project also comprises deck and

outer hull surface protection, which will be carried out by Kaefer Energy as our main subcontractor, in the dry dock at Bergen Group Rosenberg in Stavanger.

Njord B has a length of 240 meters and a storage capacity of 110,000 cubic meters.

The work will commence late august 2012 with 3-4 months FEED study (Front-End Engineering and Design) to mature the concept. Thereafter detailed design and planning will be executed until the docking period which is scheduled to start in June 2013 with duration of 4-5 months.

“Through this contract Bergen Group Rosenberg is able to utilize a wide range of our well established competence and attractive facilities. This work scope will also fit very well with our other on-going activities in the project execution period”, says Kristin Færøvik, CEO for Bergen Group Rosenberg and EVP Bergen Group Offshore.

Bergen Group is an innovative supplier of products, services and solutions to the offshore and maritime industry. The Group has a total of 1,600 employees and approximately 600 of these are associated with Bergen Group Rosenberg which is a fully owned subsidiary of Bergen Group.

Press Release, August 15, 2012