Besiktas Shipyard launches Transport Desgagnes’ third LNG-fueled tanker (Video)

Besiktas Shipyard launches Transport Desgagnes' third LNG-fueled tanker (Video)
Image courtesy of Besiktas Shipyard

Besiktas Shipyard has launched the M/T Paul A. Desgagnés dual fuel LNG IMO-II chemical tanker being built for the Quebec-based Transport Desgagnés.

She is the third of the series of four units which were ordered by the Canadian owners at the Turkish shipyard.

The shipyard launched the chemical tanker on July 29, according to information released through their social media channels.

Previously, the shipyard delivered the Damia Desgagnés, world’s first dual fuel LNG asphalt tanker, to the Canadian company.

Mia Desgagnés, Paul A. Desgagnés’s sister vessel of the same dual fuel LNG IMO-II design, has been launched in December 2016 and is currently on sea trials before the delivery to her owners.

Another sister chemical tanker is currently on the blocks for the ongoing hull construction, Besiktas Shipyard said.