BGP wraps up seismic shoot off Gabon

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BGP Inc. has announced that BGP Pioneer has completed Perenco Oil & Gas Gabon 3D seismic acquisition project of approximately 1500 sq. km offshore Gabon.

BGP wraps up seismic shoot off Gabon
BGP Pioneer

The project included undershoot operations between platforms, and was run in water depth varying between 55 to 15 meters of water depth.

Overall, 3 major seismic Vessels -The BGP Pioneer, the Explorer, the Prospector, were involved within different timing in the area of survey together with the BGP Supply 2 boat and other chase boats the MV Maria and Admiraal de Ruiter.

The shallow survey area (approx.130 sq. km) of 15 to 20m bathymetry depth contour, required smaller towed array (3*6 km). This part of the survey located in shallow waters was completed in 15 days using the BGP Explorer.

The larger survey area (around 1370 of water depth between 20 to 55 meters was acquired by the BGP Pioneer, trailing an array of 6*6km spread. Undershoot operations and close approaches to obstructions were run with BGP Prospector as source vessel, and BGP Pioneer as recording vessel.


July 30, 2014



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