Big Moon Power Joins Morlais Project

Canadian Big Moon Power, a tidal energy developer, has joined Morlais, a Menter Môn project funded by EU.

Photo: Morlais

The agreement was signed during the Egni 2019 conference at M-SParc, Morlais said on its social media.

The Morlais scheme, proposed off Anglesey in North Wales, is being set up to help accelerate the development and commercialization of multiple tidal stream technologies in the Morlais Demonstration Zone.

The Morlais Demonstration Zone will lease areas of the seabed to developers for the construction of tidal arrays.

Morlias has the potential to generate 240 megawatts of tidal energy.

By sharing costs such as planning and environmental consents, and grid connectivity, the demonstration zone gives developers a de-risked environment in which to assess and optimize the array-scale performance and reliability of tidal generation technologies.