Bluefield Geoservices zeroes in on US offshore wind market

Subsea geotechnical services provider Bluefield Geoservices is expanding its operations in the US with the latest export cable route site investigation for an undisclosed ‘major’ offshore wind project offshore the Northeast US.

Courtesy of Bluefield Geoservices

As part of the project, Bluefield will execute in situ cone penetration test (CPT) and vibrocorer sampling, onshore and offshore lab testing, and reporting along two power cable routes.

According to the company, this is the third survey project offshore the US this season and in response to the recent contract awards, Bluefield made further capital investments in 2022 by acquiring the geosurvey equipment, including several proprietary systems.

Some of the equipment currently deployed in the region include a 100kN Roson CPT system, a high-powered electric vibrocorer, a Fielax HeatFlowProbe thermal testing unit, an ROV cone CPT system, and a piston corer.

The company established operations in the US in 2019 to support the planning and build-out of offshore wind infrastructure in the Northeast US by opening an office in Newport, Rhode Island.

Bluefield is also currently recruiting for a number of key senior roles to support its stateside expansion, the company added.

“Having the right equipment and personnel on the ground enables us to provide our customers with the flexibility and rapid mobilization capacity needed right now in the Northeast US”, said Bruce Pudney, general manager.

“The US offshore wind market demands service providers that are equipped with the latest technology, geotechnical engineering, and field experience capable of supporting complex offshore infrastructure projects.”

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