BMT Oceanica, SmartAqua to Manage Aquaculture’s Expansion

BMT Oceanica Teams with SmartAqua

Australian based BMT Oceanica (BMT), marine and coastal environment specialists and a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd., has formed a partnership with global aquaculture advisory group SmartAqua.


This move will see these specialist organisations working together to manage the evolution of the rapidly expanding aquaculture industry.

“With the industry forecast set to grow by an extra 18 million tonnes by 2020, it is imperative that any future developments are managed sustainably,” BMT said in a release.

To support the environmental management of these developments, BMT Oceanica is teaming with SmartAqua to ensure growth is managed with the environment in mind.

Alastair Smart, MD of SmartAqua said: “It is well understood by most fish farmers that they must manage the impact of their fish on the environment and vice versa.

Our collaboration with BMT Oceanica adds considerable strength to our environmental expertise, which together with our existing services, aquaculture health, biosecurity and husbandry management provides our customers with the complete aquaculture package.”

Press Release; July 15th, 2014